Uploading Instructions

Below are the basic instructions for uploading images to the competition. Please ensure you have prepared your image first.

  • Login to Pradopoint using your username and password.
  • Note Important You must choose to save your username using the 'remember me' checkbox at login time otherwise you will not be able to upload or rate photos here.
  • Visit this site and select the Category you would like to upload a photo to.
  • On each category page you will see an upload area where you can enter an photo title and select a photo to upload.
  • Click 'Browse' or 'Choose File' to select your prepared photo and then click upload...and wait for a few seconds.
  • If you cannot see the upload area, you are either not logged in as a Pradopoint member or you have already submitted two (2) photos to that category.

Voting Instructions

When the voting system is active there will be a rating from 1 to 5 available for each image. Choose your rating then select 'cast my vote'.

  • You may vote once per image.
  • You may vote multiple times within each category.
  • The photo with the highest total in each category is the winner of that category.
  • FOR ABSOLUTE CLARITY - 5 = highest & 1 = lowest